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Catch Data Quality Problems Before They Jeopardize Data Pipelines and Databases

Data Culpa gives data scientists and data engineers near-real-time alerts about changes in data schemas and data values that could jeopardize the integrity of data pipelines and databases. Using Data Culpa Validator, data teams can:

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Discover problems before they compromise analytical results and ETL pipelines.

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Save long hours or even days of troubleshooting.

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Avoid having to rerun pipelines or AI analyses because of poor data quality.

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Spend more time analyzing data and less time cleaning and fixing it.

Data Culpa Validator can be called from any data pipeline, including programs written in Python, Java, or Ruby. It detects changes in structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Validator works with popular data platforms, including:

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When Validator detects a change, it sends notifications via standard alerting mechanisms, such as Slack, email, or SMS.

Data Culpa Validator as a SaaS service or a Linux package for on-premises deployment.

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