Visualize Your Data

Visualization is key to achieving your data observability goals. Data Culpa provides you with a powerful and intuitive interface that anyone on your team can use to quickly pinpoint problems and find solutions. Whether you’re a data scientist who needs to understand shifts in value distributions, a data boss who needs to make sure everything is running as expected, or a developer who needs to manage NoSQL schema changes, Data Culpa has you covered.

A Bird’s Eye View

Quickly understand your data – and how it’s changing over time. Set up watch points for any data source, from Snowflake to MongoDB, and start getting insights into your data right away. See changes in throughput, shifts in values, data cohesion, and schema changes all in one place.

Catch Problems Early

Data problems are inevitable. Whether it’s a change to an external data source, a bad deploy breaking your schema, a service that went down, or a broken pipeline, things will go wrong. The important thing is finding out when they do – and fast. Data Culpa learns from your data and tells you when something isn’t right. Easily triage issues from Slack, and drill in with powerful analysis tools.

Pipeline Throughput

Quality’s important, but so is quantity. See drops in pipeline throughput at a glance so you can address problems before they flow downstream.

Compare Across Environments and Time Periods

Whether you’re comparing staging to production, or this week to last week, Data Culpa lets you easily define targets to visually compare so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.

Tame Your NoSQL
and JSON Schemas

NoSQL gives you incredible flexibility, but it comes at a cost. Data Culpa’s schema explorer lets you easily find schema variations and track them over time. Track down outliers and bad columns without spending hours pouring over your Mongo Database or comparing JSON files by hand.

Get Started Today

Data Culpa Validator’s intuitive interface gives you the visibility you need into your ever-changing data. Try it yourself for free, no credit card required.