Data Quality for Snowflake

Data Quality for Snowflake

Many organizations are using Snowflake as a single source of data: “Everything goes into Snowflake” whether from external sources or not. Regardless of how your organization is using Snowflake, Data Culpa Validator can help ensure data entering or leaving Snowflake is consistent and behaves as expected.

Validator can monitor tables and views in Snowflake. Our open-source Snowflake connector can help organize data by querying only for new records. The Snowflake configuration is stored as a YAML file per Snowflake connection. The configuration can automatically map Snowflake objects into Validator watchpoints. You can scale Snowflake access with multiple connectors if needed.

On initial ingest, the Snowflake connector can set historic timestamps for old records when sending them to Validator so you can see an immediate view of your history over time. When Validator discovers an issue, we provide a way to generate a Snowflake SQL query to identify the target records in Snowflake so that you can easily point to those records in tickets or discussions with your colleagues.

  • No Code Integration; we’ve already done the hard work of building a connector.
  • Our connector has already been used at customers to check the quality of 100s of millions of records at customers

Data Culpa is proud to be a Snowflake Technical Partner.