Data Observability for mongoDB

Your data quality monitoring solution for MongoDB. Track and resolve inconsistencies with schemas, values, and types across records in your collections.

Get started in 15 minutes.

Deep JSON data monitoring

Data Culpa and MongoDB work great together because Data Culpa understands your structures and schemas over time.

Data Culpa processing scales to thousands of nodes enabling rapid analysis and alerting.

Run Validator in our fully-managed cloud or deploy it to your own.

Use our MongoDB open source connector to compare and test production environments Open Source Connector on Github ›

Know what you have now and how it compares to previous days

Our flexible, asynchronous approach enables you to monitor from anywhere in your pipeline that makes the most sense for your needs: at the ingest, at the output, or somewhere in between.

Fewer problems
Flexibility to explore changes in your data, both big and small. Get alerts for the major events and subtle shifts you want to know about. Tackle data drift efficiently and effectively.

Better answers
View changes over time as well as between individual records and values. Identify inconsistencies with automatically generated visualizations and sophisticated metrics.

Reduced overhead.
Pinpoint what happened and when — with the information you need to address it. Enable other engineers with custom access and visibility.

Instant training
Load historical records for training in minutes — no waiting weeks for Data Culpa to learn your data.

Data Culpa and MongoDB work great together because Data Culpa understands your structures and schemas.

Start visualizing and monitoring your Mongo data within 15 minutes.