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Make a difference in the world of data. At Data Culpa, we’re building solutions to address critical data quality problems in applications as diverse as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Extract Transform and Load (ETL), business intelligence (BI), and data operations.

If you like working with talented people on challenging problems in data analytics, come join us. We offer competitive salaries and benefits and flexible work schedules. Our current job openings are listed below. Principals only.

Bored with D3 and the same old bar charts? Want to do something new in visualization? Do you have strong opinions about polar coordinate-based visualizations? Do you understand both data visualization and rendering enough to prototype, explore, and deliver compelling new visualizations from the ground up? How would you deploy a new visualization that a customer hasn’t used before in such a way that the customer will grow comfortable and understand it? How do you approach visualizing massively multi-dimensional data in the limited 2d space available on our computer screens?

If you enjoy questions like these, you may be the data visualization engineer we’re looking for as we build the data quality solution for data analytics in fields as diverse as biotech and finance.

Here’s more about what we’re looking for: You must have some JavaScript experience, some experience with some charting packages, some experience building new components from the ground up, and some computer science understanding of recursion, node-based graphs and trees, and so on. Ideally you have some familiarity and opinions on the works of Manuel Lima and, of course, Tufte. Ideally you have a few years of experience working with data, visualizations, and/or design. We are not a cookie-cutter organization expecting people to fit into pre-defined holes. Ideally you’d be located in the greater Boston area, but it’s not strictly required. You must, however, be authorized to work in the US; we’re a start-up and can’t take on the international complexity right now.

Our stack is Vue + TypeScript with node and python backends. In addition to programming, SVG and CSS understanding will be necessary to succeed in this role.

Interested? Email us at and attach your resume. Principals only. If we think you might be a fit, we’ll be in touch.

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