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Streamline and Rationalize Costs For Snowflake and Other Data Infrastructure

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Data Culpa

Snowflake has become a critical data warehouse for countless companies who rely on it for AI, BI, and other data initiatives. But today, many data teams find their Snowflake expenses coming under scrutiny.

Of course, data teams aren’t alone. In light of recent economic trends, many finance departments are giving all IT expenses a second look, including those for Snowflake, dbt, and other tools in the modern data stack.

Every data team we know is busy building and managing data pipelines, repositories, and analytics deliverables. Few have extra staff hours available for analyzing Snowflake configurations and usage to get the insights they would need to answer questions like these:

  • Can we expand our use of Snowflake while controlling costs?
  • Is our current implementation of Snowflake optimized to be as cost-effective as possible?
  • If our Finance team asks us to reduce our spending on Snowflake or other cloud services, do we understand what can be cut without jeopardizing our data team’s most important deliverables?

Introducing Streamliner, a service for controlling Snowflake costs

We’ve seen firsthand the difficulty even the best data teams have keeping Snowflake and related costs under control.

That’s why we’re launching a new consulting engagement called Streamliner to help data teams make prudent choices about configuration changes to Snowflake and other critical data management tools. Our goal is to provide some “jet assist” for busy teams, helping them reduce costs of compute and data, so they can meet their budgetary goals without compromising business goals.

Streamliner engagements are designed to be fast and efficient. We hold a kick-off call with data team leaders, perform our analysis, and provide tools for analyzing usage and data results. Data teams can use these tools before and after any changes are made. We’ll also provide a summary report that can be shared with other teams, if necessary, to help rationalize IT costs and demonstrate benefits that Snowflake is delivering for the company.

Interested in learning more? Book a call with our CTO, Mitch Haile, today.

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