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Data Culpa Receives First Issued Patent for Systems and Methods for Monitoring Data Quality in Data Pipelines and Databases

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Data Culpa

BOSTON, MA. September 13, 2022 – Data Culpa, Inc., a provider of high-scale, low-touch data observability solutions for data engineering projects of all kinds, today announced that the US Patent & Trademark Office has issued patent #11,429,614 to Data Culpa for its invention of systems and methods for data quality monitoring in data pipelines over time. The invention includes methods and systems for monitoring data to determine a quality score based on the data motion of volume, schema, types, and the contents of fields over time. 

Data Culpa applies the systems and methods described in this patent in Data Culpa Validator, the company’s data monitoring solution for data pipelines and data warehouses such as Snowflake.

“Data teams, including data engineers and data scientists, are dealing with vast amounts of data every day,” said Mitch Haile, Data Culpa co-founder and CTO. “They need a fast, easy way of monitoring data pipelines, databases, and data warehouses for unexpected changes that can affect business outcomes. By applying the systems and methods described in this patent, Data Culpa Validator enables data teams to be notified to changes in data consistency without requiring data teams to first write large numbers of unit tests. Validator analyzes data in pipelines and data repositories and automatically raises alerts if data changes in unexpected ways. That data can include third-party data ingested as part of a business process. It can also include data from other business applications or cloud services. Validator can save data teams hours or even days of work troubleshooting data applications.”

To learn more about Data Culpa or to request a free trial of Data Culpa Validator, please visit www.dataculpa.com.

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Data Culpa provides data observability solutions that help data engineers and data scientists detect unexpected changes in data before they jeopardize business results. Data Culpa Validator, the company’s data observability platform, makes it easy for data teams to monitor data pipelines and data repositories for changes in data consistency without having to write unit tests. Data Culpa Fresh monitors tables in Snowflake for freshness and raises an alert when data hasn’t changed as expected. To sign up for a free Data Culpa Fresh account or to request a trial of Data Culpa Validator, visit www.dataculpa.com.


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