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Is Your Data Pipeline
Processing the Data You Think It Is?

Your business depends on data pipelines and Machine Learning (ML) for transactions and analytics. But data values and schemas can shift unexpectedly, jeopardizing transaction integrity and analytical results.

Data Culpa catches errors before they steer your business off course.

Data Culpa Validator

When you build data pipelines you rely on upstream data sources. Whether those data sources come from another team in your organization or a third party, you need to know if data values or data schemas have drifted in unexpected ways before you process them.

Data Culpa Validator checks the data quality of ingest data — whether in a data feed or in files deposited in a data lake — before you transform and load that data into your processing pipeline. With Validator, you can:

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Detect changes in data before they affect results

Receive alerts when schemas or values change in ways you care about. Data stewards select which schemas and data fields to monitor.

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Compare data sets across time and IT environments

Compare today’s data to last week’s or last month’s. Or compare any data set to a data set you’ve tagged as your gold standard.

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Get data observability without coding

Data Culpa automatically monitors the data ingested into your data pipelines and data lakes. Detect data drift without having to spend long days coding special tests.

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Data Culpa offers Data Quality Intelligence for leading data platforms and common data-processing use cases.

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