Getting bogged down by data quality issues?

With Data Culpa, you get powerful visualizations, insightful alerts, and historical perspective–everything you need for monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing data operations.

Compare today’s data to yesterday’s

Compare this week’s data to last week’s

Compare any data set to a defined standard or a learned range

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Let’s be honest: even some of today’s most popular data platforms have user interfaces that hark back to the DotCom era. And that’s a shame, because to run cutting-edge data operations, you should have rich, insightful visualizations and cutting-edge tools.

Compare data across time and space

  • By development process
  • By test environment
  • By test data

What people are saying

“Data Culpa gives us the rapid insights and the comprehensive context we need.”

“Our customers come to us for cutting-edge software solutions that will give them a competitive advantage. Speed and accuracy are critical. We use Data Culpa in our client projects because we can’t afford any surprises that compromise our clients’ business results. Data Culpa gives us the rapid insights and the comprehensive context we need.”

Michael Rowan
Partner, Too Symphony Solutions

I know firsthand the importance of monitoring data…That’s why I’m an investor in Data Culpa.

“Data is the lifeblood of every business today. When data goes wrong, it quickly affects the bottom line. In my decades of experience working with data in tech, I know firsthand the importance of monitoring data, controlling quality, and responding to data issues promptly. That’s why I’m an investor in Data Culpa.”

Bart Bartlett
CEO, DemandZEN

“…it’s exciting to see Data Culpa is tackling these problems”

Dirty data leads to inaccurate analytics results and incorrect business decisions; multiple surveys show that dirty data is the most common barrier faced by data teams. A significant portion of data resides in semi-structured formats, such as JSON, which remains a largely unexplored research topic, which is why it’s exciting to see Data Culpa is tackling these problems.

Dr. Xu Chu
Professor, author of Data Cleaning (ACM Press), Data Culpa science advisor

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