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Getting bogged down by data quality issues?

Today’s data operations are lights-out and continuous. They’re difficult to monitor and harder to debug. And when something goes wrong, it’s difficult to diagnose without historical records of that data pipeline or repository.

With Data Culpa, you get powerful visualizations, insightful alerts, and historical perspective–everything you need for monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing data operations.

  • Compare today’s data to yesterday’s
  • Compare this week’s data to last week’s
  • Compare any data set to a defined standard or a learned range
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See what you’ve been missing

Let’s be honest: even some of today’s most popular data platforms have user interfaces that hark back to the DotCom era. And that’s a shame, because to run cutting-edge data operations, you should have rich, insightful visualizations and cutting-edge tools.

Something for everyone on your data team

Data Engineer

Ensure consistent data flows for the end application.

Data Scientist

Confidence in the data you’re working with.

Data Boss

High-level view of operations and the reporting you need.


The evidence you need for verifying your data-cleansing algorithms.

Compare data across time and space

  • By development process
  • By test environment
  • By test data
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Data contexts enable quick definitions of data consumers and learning their behavior (e.g., which fields get used) with automatic updating from API hooks, enabling upstream team members to beware of downstream use.

  • Compare data performance across versions of your data cleaning processes.
  • Compare data across test vs production.
  • Compare data in different locations.
  • Make a change in test and tag it in Data Culpa. Tell Data Culpa whether or not to learn anomalies.
  • Made a mistake? No problem. Mark it as an error, and it’s archived and out of the way.

No more data embarrassment.

In our customer conversations, we’ve heard it all: from weeks to months of wrong data inputs, lost revenue, graphs that are wrong, BI results gone astray, and ML models trained on bad data. These problems happen in every organization, every day.

Data Culpa gives you powerful tools to ensure you have the data and data processing you think you have, every time.

So put those data “mea culpas” to bed.

Why did no one know?
Monitor JSON Schemas

Easy to integrate.
Get running in 15 minutes.

  • No need to write code, create rules, or imagine every possible failure scenario.
  • Run in the best cloud: yours or ours.
  • Start small. Grow as big as your operations require.
  • Deploy to our service or run it in your environment with our Docker deployment.
  • Pick one data pipeline, one data table, or whatever is a pain in your ass today and get it under control.

Plug into your data or data warehouse quickly without editing complex configuration files or writing crazy scripts.

Throughput sags and spikes
Missing columns
New JSON fields
Type changes
Value distribution changes


Are you ready to see what you’ve been missing?

Observability • Monitoring • Metrics • Quality

Data Culpa is a new type of product. It’s a time machine for your data flows and changes of data at rest. It helps you understand your pipelines and changes over very large windows of time. It helps you find your schema variations, track their flows — and ultimately you can zoom in on whatever you like.

We invite you to try it.